Raise a Thug — Collect $1.5 million

Most wealthy people become millionaires by working hard and investing. Some inherit their money, and some strike it rich by playing the lottery. In the case of the parents of Michael Brown – the black teenager who was shot and killed by former police Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, after Brown attempted to murder him with his own pistol – they became millionaires this week for raising a thug.

I don’t envy any parents that must attend a funeral for their own child. However, if your kid robs a liquor store, and then proceeds to start a fight with a cop that suspects you might have robbed said liquor store, chances are you’re going to get a cap (a bullet) popped in your butt no matter what your skin color is. I don’t say this lightly, but as a concealed-weapon carrier myself, if someone ever attempted to grab my gun from me, the situation would become dire. At that point, it’s either kill or be killed. Those that claim Officer Wilson should’ve shot Michael Brown in the leg or elsewhere to wound him rather than kill him have obviously watched far too many Hollywood movies and never shot a gun, under duress or otherwise.

It’s easy to Monday-morning quarterback if you’ve never been in a life-threatening situation where you only have a split second to react. I have. Yet, as civilians, that’s exactly what we do with cops all the time. A badge doesn’t turn you into Superman. Cops are still humans with fears just like you and me. Listen, I get it – there are good cops and there are bad cops. But, on the day Michael Brown met his fate, he was the bad guy, not Officer Wilson.

It’s been over a week since a federal judge decided to reward the parents of Michael Brown $1.5 million dollars after they filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city of Ferguson. The judge did that city and the black community no favors with his decision. As you may recall, it was Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, that stood on top of a car surrounded by protesters and yelled “burn this B@#$h down” after a grand jury refused to indict Wilson. Protests soon turned to riots we all watched on the evening news for weeks. Left-wing media were all too eager to perpetrate the false narrative that this was simply another case of “a white cop killing an unarmed black man.” First off, Michael Brown was armed after he grabbed the officer’s gun. Secondly, you don’t have to have a weapon to pose a threat. Michael Brown had already proven that at the liquor store earlier.

Michael Brown was coined the “gentle giant” by some who knew him best. Lesley McSpadden, Brown’s mom, portrayed him as an angel. He wasn’t. Black civil rights activists and Democratic politicians quickly and unnecessarily turned this into a race issue to fill their pocket books and campaign coffers, but even President Obama’s own Justice Department under the leadership of former Attorney General Eric Holder concluded that Michael Brown’s death was a justifiable shooting.

Ferguson, Missouri, will never be the same. Towns that experience riots always suffer drastically economically. Ferguson will be no different. The once quiet little town will be remembered for years as the place where a black thug was memorialized as a hero, and where law and order no longer exist. The settlement Michael Brown’s family received should be donated back to the city as a down payment for all the commerce they’ll lose due to the businesses they themselves helped destroy with their inflammatory rhetoric.

Who would’ve ever thought that raising a thug would have paid off in such huge dividends? I guarantee that before the federal judge decided to render the monetary settlement, the answer wasn’t Michael Brown’s parents.

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